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State of Reflectance

Reflections reveal the external makeup of the materialistic, and also serves as the symbol of a conscious anima. What distinguishes between what is a right or wrong decision can be answered based on the previous circumstances leading up to the time of decisiveness. Chess is a great example of utilizing the strategy to engage in a battle of wits with a formidable adversary. Reflections are the results of the light that has been cast, no matter how bright the origin. 

This series of photos I created is the result of exploring what is possible in shooting reflective photography. I used various objects with reflective or refractive properties, such as mirrors, a slightly opaque cube with built-in lights, and my own cell phone. When your smartphone is locked, the screen is pitch black and you are able to see reflections from it. How I was able to achieve the effect where the subjects are reflected from one side of the screen to the next was by placing my phone near the camera lens, allowing for all of the natural colors from the environment to accurately represent the details from within the scene. I used Photoshop and Lightroom heavily for this project to create dynamic color effects, as well as compositing and masking photos together to create collages that follow the theme of reflection.

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