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For my take on an adventure, I wanted to focus on growing up, and I wanted to represent that through the different schools I've attended throughout my childhood, from elementary to high school. For each school, I wanted to display not only a full shot of the school but also the recess/rest area that I and many of my friends and classmates would go to between classes and after. While going to a place meant to further your knowledge and help prepare yourself for the real world, you are meeting different people from different walks of life and also discovering yourself as an individual during that time. One thing all of you have in common is "lunchtime", "recess", and in special cases "off periods". These are times meant for you to relax, play, and get a break from going between classes. Worst case scenario, you are finishing your homework at the last minute before your next class starts because you stayed up too late watching YouTube videos. With the color correction, I wanted to emulate a sense of nostalgia for these photos, especially for the first two photos and the last two as well. I also wanted to keep the styles as consistent as possible depending on which school that was focused on. For elementary(first two), I was aiming for the style to have a sense of discovery and childlike wonder that was also very hazy and unclear at the same time. For the middle schools (next four), a sense of being exposed more widely in the world and even dread from not knowing how to handle it during adolescence. In high school (final two), this is the period where you start to get a baseline sense of who you are and discovering your interests and making close relationships. With that, I wanted to give this a style that is clearly defined and warm, showing in compliment to the transitioning to adulthood. I understand that everyone during these periods has many different experiences and there are certain aspects of their lives that may not be figured out or emotionally pleasant at all times, but one thing is certain that as everyone grow, you gain wisdom and more insight the more you experience new things, and certain things will just click in time.

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