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Asset Creation

This is all of the assets I have created for Dragon.

Cobblestone Brick Wall

Responsible for Sculpting and Texturing

This is a cobblestone wall that is designed to be tileable both horizontally and vertically. This was made originally for the town setting that Saint George comes from, but due to story changes, the town was no longer going to be visible in the inner streets, so this asset was scrapped. Sculpted in Zbrush, and textured in Substance Painter.

Wooden Chest

Responsible for Modelling (Textured by Ethan Pflugh)

This chest was modeled originally for the mayor's office in an earlier version of the story, but as stated before, it was cut due to story changes. Modeled in Autodesk Maya 2019.



Responsible for Texturing (Modelled by Haley Thomas)

This is one of the different sword variations that was meant to be in Saint George's room. Since we do not visit his room in the final cut of the short, it was not used. Textured in Substance Painter.

Logo Design

Dragon logo_white (1).png

During pre-production, I designed the Dragon logo and it served as the project's branding logo.

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Character Animation

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